Tacoma Tool Library lowers the barriers to tackling projects by providing tools, knowledge, space and support so that people can improve their lives.

We believe this will lead to better looking neighborhoods, increased community involvement, a stronger sharing economy, reduced consumption, more entrepreneurship and individuals that are empowered.



The library provides low cost access to shared tools and other durable goods, and encourages re-use, repair, and reduced consumption. In addition, it hosts a safe community space for learning how to use household tools, and empowers Tacoma residents to care for their homes and neighborhoods, house by house and block by block.

Tacoma Tool Library's goals is to benefit all Tacoma area residents by reducing waste and making tools available at low cost. It especially benefits residents with barriers to basic tool use, either because of income or lack of knowledge/confidence about tools.

Tacoma Tool Library has developed the following “Principles of Action” that guide our work. We are committed to:

  • Fostering a sense of community and mutual support
  • Strengthening community resilience and self reliance
  • Supporting inclusivity of participation and accessibility to tools, particularly for people with less economic resources and people who aren’t traditionally encouraged to use tools
  • Prioritizing sustainability through waste prevention, reuse, repair, and re-purposing
  • Encouraging skill building and empowerment through tool use and maintenance education
  • Participating in the Sharing Economy.

This project is all about sustainability—promoting environmental sustainability through shared resources, and promoting a sustainable community by maintaining a place for people to learn and engage each other in improvement projects. It encourages individuals who want to participate in waste reduction and care for their homes and neighborhoods, and also creates a community network that promotes sharing and mutual support.

Tacoma Tool Library is fiscally sponsored by Zero Waste Washington.