Attic Remodel by TTL Member


We're regulars at the Tacoma Tool Library. I think besides work and the Parkway Tavern, there's no place we've been to more frequently than TTL in the last two months. My parents recently retired, and they came from Germany to help us finish the attic. This is what it looked like before we started.

It took almost 2 months to turn it into this beautiful library. It needed a new floor, insulation, a bigger window, new electrical wiring, and drywall. The tools we borrowed from the tool library helped us sand the wood for the built-in book shelves, the exposed beams, and parts of the railing. We also put the drill press and the router to good use on a lot of woodworking projects. 

The tool library is an amazing resource, especially for those tools you don't need that often.

Thanks to the router and the drill press, we now also have new kitchen benches.

And finally, a few months after we moved into our new house, we noticed that most of the gutters were completely rusted.  With the help of the scaffolding from the tool library (and my dad's expertise) we were able to replace the gutters and downspouts on both sides of the house. You can't tell from these pictures, but it rained intermittently while we did so - a good reminder why we need those gutters to do their job.


Cindy & Mike