Interested in becoming a member of the Tacoma Tool Library? We'd love to have you! We operate on a membership system, and ask members to give a yearly suggested donation to help us keep the doors open. Members have access to all of the tools in the library's collection, and can also participate in workshops that are offered at the library. 

To become a member, please make a suggested donation either online or in person at the library. We'll also ask you to sign a membership form, liability waiver, and tool use & borrowing policy the first time you use the library. Members must be 18+ years of age. 

Donate & Become a Member

Suggested donation levels:

  • $40 General

  • $30 Student/Senior

  • $20 Low-Income

  • $150 Business

Not sure if you should join the Tool Library? Consider some of the benefits of joining:

  • Save money by sharing tools

  • Access to a wider variety of tools than you might own

  • Eliminate the need to store and maintain your own tools

  • Reduce waste by sharing and reusing tools

  • Become a part of a like-minded community

  • Learn new skills through workshops