Become a Volunteer Board Member

We are currently recruiting board members that are passionate about the TTL mission to improve the quality of life in the South Sound by providing tools, education, space, and support to cultivate self-sufficiency while reducing waste.

Board members are responsible in leading TTL to help reach its goals and fulfill its mission, attend board meetings, participate in major fundraising activities, and more. Learn about board duties by reading the Board Agreement document linked below.

Interested in becoming a Tacoma Tool Library board member? Review our board recruitment documents below. Contact board member Adam Gapsch at to set up an in person meeting.


Tacoma Tool Library Board

Left to Right: Geoff Cole (staff), Traci Kelly, Nick Cusick, Sharayah Kinney, Hayes Alexander III, Tori Brewster, Ben Haines, Kerry Swenson, and Adam Gapsch.